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The Honest Talk podcast for women in Canada


The Honest Talk is Canada's leading podcast for professional women who are looking for more – out of themselves, out of their businesses and elected leaders, and out of the world around them. 

At The Honest Talk, we interview North America’s most influential and inspiring women.

Our guests are famous TV hosts and journalists, entrepreneurs and business leaders, and politicians.


We engage in real, honest conversations about the experiences, challenges, aspirations, and lessons shared by our amazing guests. We create a forum that leaves women feeling connected, inspired, and motivated in their careers and personal lives.  

Ep62_Melanie Lake_TW.png

EPISODE 62: Lieutenant-Colonel Melanie Lake is one of the most public-facing women in the Canadian Armed Forces. Melanie
trained the Ukrainian army right before the Russian invasion as Task Force Commander of Operation UNIFIER, and she joins Jennifer and Catherine to talk about her experience as a woman in the Armed Forces and her decision to go to Ukraine when her daughter was only 5 months old. Melanie is honest about how she feels trying to manage all
aspects of her life, including the fact that – like many women - she doesn’t believe there is such a thing as work-life

Melanie also discusses her childhood, her parents, and her mom’s reaction to her first deployment to Afghanistan (spoiler alert: her mom offered her retirement severance pay if Melanie would stay home). It is a powerful conversation with a mom, wife and ranking military officer who knows firsthand the sacrifices of the men, women and families of Canada’s Armed Forces, and we hope you’ll find it as engaging and important a conversation as we did.

Ep61_Kirsten Hillman_TW.png

EPISODE 61: Kirsten Hillman is Canada’s Ambassador to the United States and the first woman ever to hold the role. Recently named one of Washington’s most powerful people, Ambassador Hillman has spent her career breaking down barriers in traditionally male-dominated arenas, including leading major international trade negotiations for Canada.


In this wide-ranging conversation with Jen and Catherine, Ambassador Hillman talks about everything from her childhood growing up in Western Canada to the sense of purpose she gets from serving her country in one of its most high-profile diplomatic postings and making choices in both her professional and personal life that ensure her family’s happiness and fulfillment. 


EPISODE 60: Christina Cleveland is RBCs Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion. At a time when D&I discussions are top of mind for businesses, governments, institutions, and individuals across the country and around the world, she shares various perspectives on the importance of why everyone needs to Speak Up for Inclusion.


The Honest Talk podcast for women in Canada
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