The Honest Talk promises to do things differently. We are committed to engaging in real, deeply honest conversation about the experiences, challenges, aspirations and lessons shared of women entrepreneurs, business leaders, and up-and-coming female professionals.

We want to shed the layers of key messages and talking points, and create a forum that leaves women feeling connected, inspired and motivated in their careers and personal lives.


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 EPISODE 53:  Stephanie Dexter is the first female president of UPS Canada. From being a package handler to senior leadership, Stephanie has seen it all during a phenomenal career that has spanned over 30 years. Although things are starting to change, the feeling of being the only female in the room is all too familiar to her. In this free and frank conversation, Stephanie – who is a champion for women in a traditionally male-dominated industry – talks to Jen and Catherine about her professional journey and her inspiration. She shares how she rose through the ranks in a male-dominated corporate world and never let fear of failure affect her decisions to take on more responsibilities. She also discusses the importance of having both male and female allies and shares her valuable advice to other women looking to be in leadership roles.

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EPISODE 52:  “At a very young age, I seriously committed to myself that I would accept people for who they were.”


The Honourable Carla Qualtrough won three Paralympics and four World Championship medals and was named one of Canada’s most influential women in sport six times. Following her exceptional sporting career, she became a human rights lawyer and political leader, currently serving as Canada’s Minister of Employment, Workforce Development, and Disability Inclusion, where she lives out her deep commitment to equity and inclusivity. In this dynamic conversation with Jen and Catherine, Carla Qualtrough speaks candidly about growing up legally blind and the bullying she endured because of it. She also discloses what drove her to politics, discusses the biggest obstacles currently facing people with disabilities, and reveals how the Paralympics made her who she is today.

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 EPISODE 51: “If you want to be a success, you’ve got to work hard and you’ve got to give the time that is required to be a success.” 

She was one of the longest-serving mayors in Canadian history, and under her leadership Mississauga grew to be the 6th largest city in Canada. Though she is retired from politics, Hazel McCallion is still living up to her nickname of Hurricane Hazel at the age of 101. Hazel is a Canadian legend, sought out by prime ministers and premiers and inspiring thousands. She joins us on The Honest Talk to discuss her childhood where she witnessed the Great Depression, her secret to political success, her thoughts on politics today, and why she has always worked to prove herself at the local level. Hazel also talks about how she would like to be remembered and gives some valuable advice to young women about speaking their minds.