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The Honest Talk promises to do things differently. We are committed to engaging in real, deeply honest conversation about the experiences, challenges, aspirations and lessons shared of women entrepreneurs, business leaders, and up-and-coming female professionals.

We want to shed the layers of key messages and talking points, and create a forum that leaves women feeling connected, inspired and motivated in their careers and personal lives.



 EPISODE 60: Christina Cleveland is RBCs Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion. At a time when D&I discussions are top of mind for businesses, governments, institutions, and individuals across the country and around the world, she shares various perspectives on the importance of why everyone needs to Speak Up for Inclusion.

Ep59_Heather Stefanson_TW_Feb15.png

EPISODE 59:  EPISODE 59: Heather Stefanson is the 24th Premier of Manitoba and the first woman ever to hold the role. She was elected to the Manitoba legislative assembly in 2000, and she has won every election since.

Premier Stefanson has navigated the ups and downs of politics for over 20 years. She has mentored other women who want to get involved in public service, and she has raised two kids while serving her constituency, her community and her province. The Premier joins Jen and Catherine on this episode of The Honest Talk to discuss her childhood, making choices between family and career and managing stress and pressure.

Ep58_Anne-Marie Mediwakeo_TW.png

EPISODE 58: An award-winning national journalist, Anne-Marie has worked at every major television news organization in the country, reporting on some of the biggest news stories of our time. She is a reporter, a mom of triplets and a friend to morning people everywhere, and she joins Jen and Catherine on this episode of The Honest Talk. Listen as she generously shares the behind-the-scenes scoop on her career and family life as a mom of triplets, her advocacy, and her childhood in Saskatchewan and Alberta after her parents immigrated to Canada when she was a baby. 


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