The Cozey couch of your dreams

While Cozey doesn’t advertise their sofas specifically for those in their “sandwich era” (that would be me!), they absolutely fit the bill.

As my parents downsize, and my kids move out on their own, we’ve been doing a ridiculous amount of sofa trading and moving … which, honestly, with Cozey is a breeze.

Their sofas go together and come apart in minutes, with no tools. Last summer I found out just how many Cozey sofa modules will fit in a Toyota Yaris – it’s more than you think.

New place with less space? Remove a module. Bigger apartment? Order an extra module from Cozey and get it shipped to your door … free!

Why else do I love them?

  • Excellent selection of styles and colours (now including a sofa bed now! A-ma-zing!)
  • High quality fabric and seating materials
  • 30-day risk-free trial, with any returned sofas sold refurbished (like new) at a discount, or donated to charities

Oh, excuse me, that’s my doorbell – I think my new sofa is here!