Meet Beth Fisher: your creative guide

Beth Fisher

We all love for our spaces to look and, more importantly, feel their best. And that’s where Beth Fisher comes in.

Beth is a multi-talented designer, DYIer, and artist, and most importantly, just a really kind and creative person.

It only takes a quick look at Beth’s Instagram page to understand her talent and ability to truly ‘see’ a room for what it could be, rather than what it is. And that’s why clients from across Canada trust Beth to design their most personal spaces: their homes.

Her creativity doesn’t stop there. I hired Beth a few years ago to paint an abstract piece for our living room. I gave Beth a half-baked idea that I wanted an ‘abstract sunset’ with vibrant colours that reminds me of driving into our village at sunset. When I hung up, I thought she must think I’m crazy. But, no: she got it, and worked with me throughout the painting’s development. It is truly perfect, and represents one of my favourite scenes in the world.

In addition to hiring Beth as a designer, you can also get a piece of her creative mastery through the prints she sells of her stunning artwork. With Beth, you get a creative mind and a kind, compassionate soul — the perfect match in my opinion. 


Instagram: @bethfisherdesigns