The cocoon coat: your winter-walking best friend

Women's Lodge Down Duffle Coat-The Honest Talk

There was a time when I walked to school in Ottawa, in January, wearing a jean jacket, no hat, and with my hair wet from the shower.

There was also a time when my mother and grandmother (who both loved their fur) insisted, “One day you’ll want a fur coat.

They were wrong — mostly — I don’t want a fur coat, but now that I’m older (and more reasonable) and have a dog who needs to go out twice a day, winter or summer, I do want a warm coat. A long, warm coat.

I have that coat now. I call it my dog-walking coat. I think of it as a cocoon. I put it on in the warmth of my house and it holds that warmth around me as I walk.

I’m here to celebrate the dog-walking coat in general — long, puffy, usually black. The one I have is no longer available, but I also considered this one — the Women’s Lodge Down Duffle Coat | Eddie Bauer. It’s a good price, from a company with a strong reputation, and the removable hood ruff is faux fur.

Go ahead, be warm. You’ll be glad you did!