Goodbye gas stations, hello PHEV freedom!

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PHEV. If you’ve seen that badge on the back of a vehicle in front of you in traffic and wondered what it means, it stands for “plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.”

And it means a lot less trips to the gas station.

For our family, it means none when we stay in the city. Our SUV has an electric range of 70-plus kilometres which we have yet to exceed when doing errands and commuting within the urban boundary.

It also means we can make the 300-kilometre round-trip, same-day drive to our daughter’s university without worrying about range. The car just switches to gas and because it runs in hybrid mode, it gets about the same mileage as our tiny subcompact hatchback.

Want to see if a PHEV might be right for you? Plug’n Drive is a great place to start your research.