Learning to ‘Think Again’

Learning to ‘Think Again’ by Adam Grant

Ok, this may not be a ‘thing’ I love, but I person I admire. Organizational psychologist and bestselling author, Adam Grant.

I read a lot of fiction books, and I always have. Reading, frankly, is my greatest hobby. It’s an escape from a busy day, and a full immersion into another person’s life.

While I might only stray to non-fiction once or twice a year, I always jump if Adam Grant has written something.

It all started with Adam’s TED Talk.

This talk was about ‘Originals.’ In the talk, Adam digs into the habits and processes of what he calls ‘original’ thinkers, those individuals who think outside of the box and bring forward creative, innovative ideas that, in many cases, change the world.

The TED Talk goes down as one of my favourite, only tied with a few of his books including Think Again, and most recently, Hidden Potential.

A few quotes from Adam that stick with me as a leader and entrepreneur:

  • “Thinking again can help you generate new solutions to old problems and revisit old solutions to new problems. It’s a path to learning more from the people around you and living with fewer regrets.”
  • “What you need is a challenge network. I think of a challenge network as the group of your most thoughtful critics who are able to hold up a mirror so that you can see your blind spots and then know what you need to rethink.”
  • “Excellence is the product of high aspirations and low ego.”

You can learn more about Adam Grant here.