Get your summer reads on BookBub

I love my ereader … but that’s not the “thing we love” I’m talking about today. Because my ereader wouldn’t be worth much if it wasn’t absolutely stuffed with books. I’ve previously talked about all the reading you can access with Libby, and I stand by how great it is for borrowing books.

But with BookBub you can also get your own ebooks to keep forever at fantastic prices (even free).

You sign up for free, choose your favourite reading categories – from romance to cookbooks – and get a daily email with deeply discounted ($0.99 / $1.99) or free ebooks. You’ll find:

  • Bestselling authors (seriously) and new discoveries.
  • Books available on your preferred ebook store which you can read on your preferred device.
  • Your favourite author – I’m not kidding – find and follow your favourite author(s) and BookBub will email you personally when those books go on sale.

BookBub is a great way to make sure you never run out of reads for your summer vacation.