Embracing the silver: Tudor’s journey with oVertone and letting her hair go grey

The transition to naturally grey hair can be a tough one if you’ve been colouring your hair. Harsh grow-out lines (the notorious “skunk stripe”) can make you want to chop all your hair off or at least wear a hat year-round.

While there isn’t a perfect solution, I found help from oVertone, a semi-permanent, colour-depositing hair mask made without peroxide, ammonia, bleach, phthalates, parabens, or PPDs that conditions while adding colour. Their Silver Coloring Conditioner eased my hair into a healthier, mostly silver shade, blending my natural growth with previously coloured sections.

oVertone doesn’t promise an overnight miracle but, for me, it delivered significant results in the form of healthy, shiny hair to carry me through the “grey grow-out.”