Double-dish slow cooker: the best kitchen tool

You might be thinking, “Slow cooker? Tell me something I don’t know about…”. Well, an unscientific poll (my friends and family), tells me that most people don’t know about double-dish slow cookers.

You may already adore your slow cooker for letting you throw dinner together in the morning and serve it up, saucy and simmering at the end of the day, but with two dishes … there are so many possibilities, including:

  • Preventing cross-contamination (food sensitivities / allergens)
  • Feeding both vegetarians and meat-eaters
  • Spicing it up…or down — butter chicken in one side, vindaloo in the other
  • Main + side dish at the same time — literally meat and potatoes
  • Dessert and dinner — casserole + crumble
  • Meal prepping — one dish to eat, one to freeze

Full disclosure, my double-dish slow cooker was a garage sale find, but the Proctor Silex version has good reviews. Go ahead — make your life easier!