Chic necklace with traditional elements

Especially during the long winter, I like to add some final touches to my looks, even when working from home. That’s where my necklaces by Kyiv-based craft brand Tsvite Teren (Ukrainian for blackthorn blooms) are helpful. 

All of their pieces are handcrafted and many of them are unique, which means there is no other necklace like yours. 

This jewelry gives new life to many of Ukraine’s national symbols. And honestly, I celebrate every time someone shows affinity for my heritage, making it popular worldwide. 

tsvite teren necklace ukrainian brands

You will probably want to choose your own necklace, but in case you feel overwhelmed by the large number of gorgeous options, here are my favourites: 

Necklace with stars from the “Snoozing” collection — $561 (16,000 UAH) 

Choose your unique necklace “Bloom” — price varies ($100-200)

Lullaby necklace with a sheep — $70 (2,000 UAH)

Necklace “Peaceful” with a white dove — $80 (2,300 UAH)

They do ship internationally. Just send them a message on Instagram.