The Honest Talk is a new, multi-platform event experience targeted at a highly motivated, dynamic, and professional audience of women who are looking for more – out of themselves, out of their businesses and elected leaders, and out of the world around them. These women are your customers, your clients and one of your greatest sources of future financial and institutional growth.

Hosted by Jennifer Stewart and Catherine Clark, two nationally-recognized, award-winning communications entrepreneurs, The Honest Talk will be based in Ottawa, and will feature both live events and podcast conversations with notable female leaders, as well as a living website that houses information, resources and conversations that aim to inspire and support busy women.

The Honest Talk promises to do things differently. It intends to impact and influence its audience, but also to learn from their motivations, concerns, objectives, and opinions - providing inspiration and practical tools women can use to streamline, improve or shape their lives.


Through an interactive, interview-style format in front of a live audience, The Honest Talk will feature inspiring female guests who have excelled in a variety of sectors and who are committed to sharing their personal and professional experiences in order to benefit others. The event will also provide exceptional networking opportunities for women looking to engage in more in-depth conversations.


We want our conversations to reach as many women as possible, so we’ve created a podcast series to complement our live events. Our podcast allows us to draw from a vibrant, national network of female thought leaders, community and arts builders, business professionals as well as political luminaries for direct, engaging conversations. 


Our website is the heart of The Honest Talk community.  We’ve designed it to be a living resource, a one-stop shop for practical information and links related to the lives of professional women, but also a place that sparks further conversation through guest columns, contributed content and relevant studies. It will also house our podcast and allow playback of our live events.


The Honest Talk promises to do things differently. We are committed to engaging in real, deeply honest conversation about the experiences, challenges, aspirations and lessons shared of women entrepreneurs, business leaders, and up-and-coming female professionals. We want to shed the layers of key messages and talking points, and create a forum that leaves women feeling connected, inspired and motivated in their careers and personal lives.



Over the past fifty years, women have quietly and quickly become one of the most powerful and influential forces in modern global history. Worldwide, women earn almost twenty trillion dollars in income and drive the majority of purchasing decisions. In Canada, more women attend university than their male counterparts, and more women turn out to vote. Women are actively engaged in their communities and they are revolutionizing the way the world thinks, acts and works.

But there is still much work to be done and we think it’s time to have an honest conversation with women about the issues that matter to them and the solutions they need to improve their lives.