Sangita Patel on living life with curiosity and positivity

Takeaways from Sangita Patel, Canadian on-air personality and philanthropist
Photo: Facebook — Sangita Patel

Takeaways from Sangita Patel, Canadian on-air personality and philanthropist

We were delighted to have a chance to speak with Sangita Patel — CoverGirl’s first Canadian South Asian ambassador and spokesperson, and host of HGTV’s Home to Win — about her ability to embrace change with a “seize the day” mentality and positive attitude.

Since our conversation, Sangita has faced more change, with the sudden cancellation of Entertainment Tonight Canada, which she co-hosted. And, just as we would expect from our discussion, she’s moving forward and staying positive.

To inspire you when you face change, here are some of our main takeaways from our podcast episode with Sangita Patel.

Embrace life’s journey with curiosity

Many people might think this attitude comes from Sangita’s bold move, shifting from an early career in engineering to work in television, but she believes it started even earlier — growing out of the loss of her grandparents when she was young.

I learned that life is too short,” she says. “And I take that with me and seize the day. Really every day is unique and fun. And sometimes it doesn’t turn out to be fun. And then I pull away from that life and go on to another journey. But I always leave every door open and try something new.

Sangita Patel

Appreciate the power of genuine connections

While many people might think interviewing celebrities is a joy in itself, what Sangita has appreciated are the small moments where famous people show they’re just like us: making silly jokes or taking a bad selfie.

She gained a deeper understanding of the power of connections when first trying to figure out her role on Instagram.

I realized there’s something called DMs and I looked into my DMs and I saw all these South Asian girls and young adults talking to me. And I never really understood that I was representing a group of women in the entertainment industry … I realized at that point I actually have a platform where I can talk.

Sangita Patel
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Recognize and utilize your platform

Just as Sangita didn’t recognize the importance of the platform she was building on social media at first, she was also stunned when CoverGirl wanted her to be their first Canadian South Asian ambassador. But soon, she saw the possibilities it opened up for her, and her followers.

The way they celebrate women — women of my age, of my ethnicity — it’s truly an amazing, pivotal moment in my career and my life. And I hope it shows other girls that it is possible.

Sangita Patel

Practice self-worth and advocacy

While Sangita’s philanthropic efforts demonstrate the value she places on advocating for others, she also thinks there’s a big gap — particularly with women — in advocating for ourselves.

“You are brought up to be grateful for every opportunity you get, rather than speaking up to say, ‘I deserve this,’” she explains. “If I could give my teenage self one piece of advice it would be, ‘You deserve it. You’re allowed to grow. You deserve everything you work for.’”

You deserve it. You’re allowed to grow.
You deserve everything you work for.

Sangita Patel

Balance joy and responsibility

We think it’s fair to say Sangita believes joy is underrated. “You’ll see me on social media trying to create more positivity than negativity. There’s enough negativity out there. I just want to bring joy.”

As a mother, daughter, spouse, and high-achieving professional, Sangita has no shortage of responsibilities, but she also appreciates the importance of doing things you love and that make you feel good. For her this includes time with her family, exercising, and a good napping schedule. And for others? Well, she’s there to help them find joy, too: “If I can help in any way to make people’s lives easier, or make a difference in their lives emotionally or spiritually, I’ve done my job. And if it means making them laugh, I’ve done my job.”

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One of the main things that inspired us about talking to Sangita is not only how she handles change the world throws at her, but also the way she makes her own change: “The worst thing that can happen if you go for something is you get a no. And if you don’t try, you’ll never know. So why not try? And if it doesn’t happen, you go on to the next journey. It gives you an indication of ‘is this right for you’. Give it a try.”