If you own a business that’s looking to go global,

Ailish and her team can help –

visit the Trade Commissioner Service website here


If you or someone you love is struggling with infertility

or pregnancy loss, these resources may help guide

you on health your journey:

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Here is a link to Amanda’s book, Love Lives Here


Amanda writes a blog where she conveys her honest, raw and sometimes very funny experiences of daily life – read it here


If you or someone you love is looking for resources, here are a few organizations which might be able to offer the support you need:

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Minister Gould spoke passionately about getting women into politics and what changes need to happen on Parliament Hill to retain the women who do run and get elected. She supports the Women in House program and continues to host students in her office. 

To learn more about Minister Gould and her work, check out her website or follow her on Twitter.


Perdita has a highly engaging personal website – you can find it here

For an overview of Perdita’s Olympic career, check out this Team Canada link 


Perdita is hosting a new TV series called

All-Round Champion. You can take a look here


Here’s a sneak peak at the cover of

Perdita’s soon-to-be-published memoir 

My Mother’s Daughter

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Beverley McLachlin’s remarkable memoir Truth Be Told: My Journey Through Life and Law has recently been nominated for the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing by the Writers’ Trust of Canada.  You can find a link to the book here

Not only is she a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, she’s a successful mystery writer too! Beverley McLachlin’s first crime fiction novel, Full Disclosure, was published in 2018 and the next installment is coming soon.

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Chief Justice McLachlin remains an international jurist through her work with the Singapore International Commercial Court and the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.  She also works as an arbitrator and mediator in Canada and around the world. More info.


You can watch episodes of Next Gen Den with Nicole here 


If you’re interested in learning more about Nicole’s company OMX, you can check out their website


Nicole was named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by Startup Canada, which has chapters across Canada to support entrepreneurs of all kinds – if you need more info, visit

As a child, Nicole was inspired by Robert Munsch’s iconic children’s book Angela’s Airplane, which made her want to become a pilot.

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Marci co-hosts THE SOCIAL, which airs live weekdays at 1 p.m. (2 p.m. AT) on CTV. THE SOCIAL is also available on demand across CTV’s digital platforms including, and the CTV app.

Exciting news!  Marci mentions in our conversation that she has a book coming out this Fall… it’s called Off Script – Notes on Living Life to the Fullest and you can find more info here

Marci is passionate about ending racism and discrimination in Canada. She co-hosted a recent special on CTV called Change in Action: Racism in Canada – if you missed it, here’s a link

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For more information on Catherine McKenna,

please visit her website here


To learn more about Level Justice click here

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For more information on Michelle Valberg and to buy one of her books click here.


To learn more about her Planet Hope click here

For further information on Project North click here


In Episode #3 of The Honest Talk, Bree Jamieson Holloway talks about the profound impact of the racism she faced growing up.  As #BlackLivesMatter discussions and demonstrations take place around the world, Bree provides us with a list of books that help her own three children feel empowered while celebrating diversity and inclusion. 


Additionally, we wanted to provide you with two news links we thought you might find important.  The first article is written by Mark O’Neill, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of History, and puts the history of racism in Canada into context click here


The second article is by business leader Wes Hall, and addresses the lack of diversity in Canadian board rooms and corporate offices click here


Episode 2 guest Ann Douglas sparks conversations that matter about parenting and mental health. She is a best selling author and a commentator for all things parenting.

For more information on Ann, and for a list of her many books, please click here

If you’re looking for a link to Ann’s latest 

book Happy Parents, Happy Kids, here it is


In Episode #1 of The Honest Talk, Lisa Raitt speaks to a book that changed her life, called Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth, written by American journalist Mika Brzezinski. The book was recommended to her by Caroline Mulroney and takes a deep dive into why women should stand up for what they’re worth and be their own best advocate in the workplace.    


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